Pampered Pets & Plants, Inc.

Live-ins - Visits - Overnights

"They're not just pets...they're family"
Pampered Pets and Plants, Inc. offers a unique blend of customized services while you are away on business, vacations or unexpected emergencies. You can travel with a feeling of security knowing that your pets, plants and home are being honored and respectfully cared for by a trustworthy and compassionate pet sitter. Call 602 547-1121 or make your reservations online.
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"We accept last minute reservations"

Use our convenient online reservation request form or call (602) 547-1121

Our Standards for Pet Care Services  

  •  In Home Care - Your pets can remain at home with their familiar and comfortable surroundings minimizing exposure to possible illness from other animals and reducing their stress levels.
  •  Tender Loving Care - Unconditional love provided regularly. In addition to your pet's regular exercise routine your pet is gently patted, petted and scratched.
  •  Health Maintenance - Medication prescribed by your veterinarian will be administered as per instructions, including insulin injections. The sitter consults with your veterinarian for any medical questions or emergencies.
  •  Special Discounts - Pampered Pets and Plants, Inc. offers a discount of our service fees for all active Military, Police and Fire personnel.
  •  Menu Planning - You select and provide the menu. Your pet dines at home from their own dish. If your pet requires a special feeding method, it can be easily accommodated.
  •  Also included - Dog walking, frisbee throwing and "poop" pick-up.